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Retail Leasing

Over 2 million square feet leased


In deciding where to locate your business, whether a flagship or a first location, every Real Estate Professional will tell you finding the right location is the most important aspect. Our research phase is a critical component to both our success and our clients’ success. At KSR, our first step is to understand our clients’ businesses inside and out. We learn who your customers are, how you make decisions, and how the environment impacts your decision-making process.


Knowledge is power, and sharing that knowledge is our second step at KSR. Educating our clients on the current real estate market, its trends, and our calculated projections, is a critical factor to the success of each deal. After understanding their business, our team conducts an in-depth analysis of potential locations, from foot traffic to demographics, all of which play a role in helping you decide where to sign your next lease.


Our in-house team works on canvassing properties, whether on-market or off-market, for all of our clients.  We diligently keep you updated as new spaces become available.  KSR’s proprietary in-house canvassing web-application helps speed the process from researching the most in-demand areas to presenting the best options for you in a timely manner.


When negotiating real estate deals, experience matters. With over a decade of experience behind us, we’ve seen it all. With each transaction, our offers and negotiations on your behalf are backed by intelligent market research and years of knowledge. In addition, our wide reach within the industry allows us to leverage our extensive relationships with landlords and asset managers when negotiating deals for our clients. We make sure all parties in the deal are managed in a timely manner and no stone is left unturned.

Industries of expertise.

Food and Beverage

KSR has the expertise in identifying the perfect space for new and exciting restaurant and hospitality brands, whether it’s a local operator or international group, and can provide the hands-on knowledge required in all aspects of the process to quickly and efficiently complete commercial deals. Our brokers have an in-depth background in design, construction, liquor licenses, health department and DOB matters.  Our insight helps streamline the process and allows the operator to focus on their core business.


KSR provides foresight on ideal solutions that assist in finding the optimal location for all medical uses. KSR’s track record and rollout of medical companies gives us the competitive edge against our competition.We are knowledgeable in demographic patterns, familiar with market configurations, and use a proven analytical approach to identify the most opportune locations.


KSR understands the needs of the latest fitness trends that have been surging in today’s fast paced world. We provide a strategy for these tenants based on concept and demographics all the while presenting the most suitable spaces for their brand.

KSR is leading the way for contemporary clothing and footwear brands that covet spaces in the most vibrant corridors to optimize retail opportunities. Recognizing each client’s needs as unique and providing strategic solutions that align their real estate with their broader business and financial objectives, allows us to provide exceptional guidance towards ideal leasing options.

Beauty & Cosmetics

KSR retail experts understand that finding the right location, at the right time, plays an integral part in building and strengthening your brand. From delivering insights on how to navigate the fluctuating market to identifying the latest trends in retail design and shopping behavior, our advisors implement your retail strategy utilizing innovative solutions.



You have a business plan that needs to be executed, preferred returns that need to be met, and an asset that needs to be stabilized. At KSR, we first understand what your current business model is for your asset, we tour the property, we gather information, and we provide an in-depth analysis of how best to position your asset in the current marketplace.


After our research phase, we perform a robust financial and operational analysis to develop specific short- and long-term goals, identify decision points, and establish forecasts to maximize your returns while staying competitive in current market conditions. During the strategy phase, we will recommend different pricing models, define our target customers, and identify the best ways to act on your current business plan.

Brand & Market

In a crowded arena, marketing and branding play a major role when attempting to catch our target customers’ attention. From creative discovery to design and development, we partner with some of the top creative agencies in NYC to provide our clients with an end-to-end solution for marketing and branding their estate assets.


The final stage is implementing the strategy to maximum effect. Our commercial leasing team hits the pavement full-throttle with marketing campaigns backed by established relationships within both the brokerage and tenant communities. Our market knowledge and experience are what is needed to fill your space. We help all parties navigate through each step of the leasing process.

Brand Development

From leasing to customer acquisition.

Hospitality Partnerships
We help create organic partnerships between different F&B and Hospitality groups from different regions to help brands adjust into new markets with local hospitality partners. These partnerships help brands grow into new markets at a faster and more effective rate, allowing brands to enter new markets with existing F&B infrastructure.

Social Media Partnerships
In this day and age of technology real estate has adapted into the emerging market of social media marketing. The real estate game has changed, and it is no longer just about the right location with the right foot traffic. Strong retail real estate is determined by how much of the foot traffic is getting recaptured into the stores and translating into revenue. KSR has created social media influencers partnerships in every aspect of retail; fashion, fitness, tech, F&B, and cosmetics.  These partnerships help the brands that we work with get a higher exposure to the online millennials market, and this translates into an increase in sales.

Venture Capital Partnerships
KSR has created partnerships with leading VC firms that are looking to invest growth capital into brands from the infancy stage through the mature stages of the brand. These VC firms bring growth capital and growth experience to brands, therefore allowing brands to enter new markets at a faster pace and increase their business profitability.

Investment Sales

Over 1 Billion USD in sales year-to-date.


Whether purchasing, selling, executing a 1031 exchange, as an investor you have specific financial goals. 

Buyers: We take the time to understand what your investment horizon is and which asset class we can position your capital in to best meet your target IRRs. We can assist in identifying how your capital stack should be structured, we can manage your expectations, and we can assure that you are making an educated decision.
Sellers: When disposing of an asset, it is crucial to highlight what makes your asset special so we can offer it to the perfect buyer at the right price. At KSR we leverage our relationships with top brokers and accredited investors to get your asset in front of a targeted pool of qualified buyers. 


Before submitting or responding to any offers, our team at KSR conducts an in-depth investment analysis. For each potential investment, we build institutional-quality proformas outlining different scenarios to predict outcomes in different market cycles.


Before submitting or responding to any offers on the table, our team at KSR conducts a full in-depth investment analysis. For each potential investment, we build institutional quality proformas outlining different scenarios to predict outcomes in different market cycles.


Our executive team at KSR will be part of each investment transaction, providing the knowledge and negotiation expertise needed to get a deal done. We will link you with the proper legal, tax advisory, and financial teams to ensure that each part of the transaction is well-structured and executed in a timely manner.

Sovereign Capital Group

Over 1 Billion USD in sales year-to-date.

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