Portrait of Gary Lowitt

Gary Lowitt


Gary Lowitt is Vice President of Retail Leasing at KSR. As a licensed Broker with over 25 years in the real estate industry, Gary has been involved in leasing, acquisitions and dispositions in both an in-house and brokerage capacity. In the early stages of his real estate career, Gary served in in-house site acquisition roles for large national retailers. From there, he moved to work for several large private residential developers, working in senior roles in both acquisitions and development. During the recession, Gary saw the need for real estate advisory and consulting services, prompting him to form Baloo Properties in 2009, where he provided leasing and acquisition/disposition consulting for a select group of retailers and owner/developers. Concurrently, Gary built, owned, and operated a café in Paramus, New Jersey, providing him with additional insight from the principal's side of the business. Gary's experience on the principal side, both owner and tenant, has given him a unique perspective into how both retail clients and landlords think and what they look for. Gary is a true fiduciary, fully understanding the impact he has on his clients and always ensuring that he represents their best interests. Gary earned a B.A from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.