Portrait of Greg Dweck

Greg Dweck

Director of Development

Greg Dweck is Director of Development at KSR. With over 20 years of experience in acquisitions, construction and development, Greg's high-level insights into the development of new properties are well received at KSR. Greg has spearheaded a number of large developments during his time at KSR. For example, he recently headed a large mixed-use development project on Graham Avenue in Williamsburg, building out retail, community facility and residential rentals in a relatively short time frame. Further south in Brooklyn, Greg worked on the ground-up development of a 65,000 square foot mixed-use property on Fulton Street in Crown Heights. More recently, he was involved in the acquisition and development of a Calyer Street project, a 50,000 square foot development site which is projected to include retail space and 41 residential condo units in Greenpoint. That project is slated for completion in the summer of 2019. Additionally, Greg has worked with property owners to form joint ventures with landowners that want to develop and enhance their property while remaining a part of the ownership structure in the long term. The landowner benefits from having KSR fund and develop the property, using the years of experience to take any property and increase its value for the landowner, as well as the development partner.